Theres only so many things you can do when your sick.

Hey guys,

so yeah…..I’ve been really sick for like a month now. Tonsils the size of golf balls and itchy hives covering my entire body. But hey ho! am still feeling positive. Theres still plenty to do when ur sick. Been reading blogs, one of which u should check out

I have have been watching lots of documentaries too. So for those of you whose northen knowledge is totally lacking. This ones for you.

Was gunna enter that channel four competition, ya know the street art thing. But my piece is like half finished and could not be completed due to severe illness. I also managed to do a weeks placement. But i have slowly been dying ever since. I’m starting to panic now cos i’m not really to sure what my body is doing. If I get taken to hospital I’ll let you know. In the mean time…
P.s Read this (am sure some of u already have)
Just My Type by Simon Garfield

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